Software Outsourcing Services

DTT’s Outsourcing Services free up your software engineering team to concentrate on your critical priorities that drive your Company’s business. By concentrating our proven methodology on rapidly coupling into your development environment, we can optimize your time-to-productivity. Our experienced and capable software engineering team is knowledgeable in contemporary development methodologies as well as leading tools and applications (including OpenSource), offering an effective extension to your R&D team.

Value-Added Services

    • Application Maintenance Services - DTT is readily able to efficiently couple into your application development and support teams, tailoring an outsourcing to your specific needs.
    • Testing and Validation Services - Our comprehensive testing services ranging from software Quality Assurance, testing, to test automation, accelerate the product development lifecycle, providing your team with an autonomous check-and-balance to ensure the highest quality.
    • eCommerce and Web site Services - DTT’s creative yet technically proficient team can Design, Develop, and Implement your next Web site/eCommerce project while ensuring that you maintain control.


    • Rapid time to productivity - DTT is committed to simplifying the process of software outsourcing through extensive planning, processes, and communications. This offloads the burden while maintaining the significant benefits of global applications development and test.
    • C3 - Successful software outsourcing can only be achieved through Close Collaboration and Communications (C3) with our Customers. DTT has adapted our project management systems to compensate for the inherent challenges in global outsourcing, shifting the burden off of your team without compromising management visibility and accountability.
    • ROO - Outsourcing has evolved beyond maintaining a small group located offshore, into a virtual extension of your Development team. Consequently, the cost reduction sought through outsourcing can only be achieved through optimizing the R&D process, not simply minimizing labor rates. DTT is committed to maximizing our Customer’s Return On Outsourcing (ROO), taking into account the nuances of each Customer’s environment.