The underlying success of any software engineering project depends upon quality people and disciplined and proven processes. At DTT, we have both. Our experienced software engineers were recruited from leading universities, and are trained in leading software engineering methodologies by Carnegie Mellon University. We are committed to establishing a positive working environment investing in modern facilities and infrastructure. Everyone at DTT Group shares in the success of the Company, which motivates our team, and has resulted in an attrition rate far below our competitors.

DTT has also forged strong alliances that provide access to technology experts across many disciplines, which enable us to optimize our staffing for key projects. As a result, with 500 software engineers, we can scale as our customer needs grow. No matter how large or complex your project is, DTT is a trusted partner you can count on to manage transformation and drive the implementation of your business requirements.

We have been recognized by industry legends such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Cisco as valued IT partners. Agile development processes have been applied with diligence across our global projects, regardless of their size and complexity. The results are high-quality, on-time delivery of projects which consistently meet our customers’ budget and schedule targets.