Industry Challenges
Over the past decade, the telecommunications landscape has been transformed by unprecedented change. Convergence has enabled a new generation of competition that is racing to reshape the Internet and corporate businesses. Rapid consolidation is concentrating industry power with a few giants, as niche players are repositioning themselves to survive. With regulations lagging, and new services emerging, the future is uncertain but will continue to dominate our society like no other.


How DTT can address the Software needs
DTT has a proven track record with telecommunications applications market leaders, providing a range of software and services, including:

  • Application maintenance and quality assurance services that free up your team to concentrate on core Business Support Systems (BSS) and Operational Support Systems (OSS) applications development
  • Mobile applications development and support
  • Data Migration implementation services that streamline:
    • Large application upgrades and transformation projects
    • Database migrations in a high-availability environment
    • Application integration and SOA transition