Industry Challenges
Major governments around the globe are investing in online services to better serve citizens, as well as reducing overall costs. Government CIOs, however, are struggling to overcome the unique and inherent challenges to deploy wide-scale eGovernment policies and infrastructure. National budgeting processes and priorities often hinder efforts to devise a long-range plan. Legislative, security, privacy, and cultural barriers also exist. The so-called Digital Divide, which corresponds to the vastly varying technology access and training of citizens must also be addressed, not to mention highly dynamic and fast-paced technological change.

How DTT can address the Software needs
DTT has been participating with visionary governments to support eGovernment initiatives that are now being deployed. Our unique methodology augments government IT organizations and their external vendors with the following value-added services:

  • Software development and quality assurance services to effectively maintain large, complex applications, while safeguarding user data in accordance with relevant regulations
  • Web site design, development, and maintenance, which is critical towards providing citizen/users with an effective end-user experience
  • Migration and implementation services to reduce the cost of:
    • Application integration among federal and local government systems
    • Migrating legacy databases and information to the new eGovernment platforms
    • Implementation of broad-scale applications and systems