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Case Study: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application

Why a leading Scandinavian IT and Business Consulting company approached DTT

One of the leading Scandinavian companies in IT and Business Consulting approached DTT based on our technical expertise to develop one of the most complex ERP applications which integrates real estate and vacation sites in Europe into a sophisticated resort management system.

DTT Solution

Our approach was to provide an end-to-end solution which incorporates a high-performance search engine and flexible pricing solutions into the complex ERP system, using the users’ input data and relating it to the information management on real-estate domain to allow the users to plan and book their vacation reservations online.

Technology Expertise Applied

SOA, ESB, .NET, AJAX, C# and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation

Benefits Delivered

The ERP system was developed from scratch, involving a team of 30 people and 12 months of design, development and testing effort. DTT had helped the customer save 75% of their development costs and still achieved time to market. The result of this tight collaboration was a long-term strategic partnership with the Customer. This breakthrough in ERP application development has paved way to more joint-venture projects and further penetration into the European market for both companies.