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Enabling People with Disability - April 2008

PWDSoft Office

DTT also partners with PWDSoft (People with Disabilities Software Company) to provide jobs for many handicapped people. This is part of our community involvement initiative where together with PWDSoft, we help people with disabilities overcome their challenges and make contributions to their families and society.

PWDSoft is under the leadership of Dovan Du Do, a Vietnamese American, who lost an arm and a leg during the war at the age of 14. With his strong will and spirit, he overcame his physical challenges and achieved excellent results in school that earned him a scholarship to study architecture in the US. After a long career in IT at a number of corporations in the US, Dovan returned to Vietnam and established PWDSoft in 2006 to offer high-tech training to people with disabilities. To date, PWDSoft has had nearly 100 graduated trainees who have good jobs. The company has contributed to lighting the souls of the disabled and helped them nurture the desire for living, studying and making contributions toward building a better future.

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