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DTT rolls out Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering training in Vietnam - September 2008

DTT has participated in SEGVN (Software Engineering Group VietNam) to invest in the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering program, and is rolling it out in Vietnam in early September 2008.

Carnegie Mellon has always been the leading university in Software Engineering in the US. Through its Software Engineering Institute (SEI), the Capability Maturity Module Integration (CMMI) framework was created. Combined with Six Sigma, the two approaches provide a strong foundation of performance-driven measurement to organizations looking for a competitive advantage. This training program also gives students practical skills and solid software engineering foundation knowledge that enable them to perform and compete successfully in the global software industry.

Through this collaboration, DTT once more shows strong leadership in advanced IT training in Vietnam, as well as its commitment to strengthen its software engineering capabilities to deliver best-of-breed resources to global software outsourcing customers.

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