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DTT's participation in ICT (Information Communication Technology) National Conference - November 2008

Every year, the ICT (Information Communication Technology) national conference took place in Vietnam, with participation from different government ministries and chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communication ... Read More »

PWDSoft released Van Hien website - November 2008

On Nov 28th, 2008, PWDSoft (People with Disabilities Software - a subsidiary of DTT Technology Group) successfully released the website of Van Hien Magazine. Read More »

DTT rolls out Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering training in Vietnam - September 2008

DTT has participated in SEGVN (Software Engineering Group VietNam) to invest in the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering program, and is rolling it out in Vietnam beginning September 2008. Read More »

DTT expands its presence in the US - April 2008

To accommodate rapid growth and further enhance our ability to deliver service and support excellence to our US customers and strategic partners, DTT has established an office in San Jose, California in May of 2008. Read More »

Enabling People with Disability - April 2008

DTT also partners with PWDSoft (People with Disabilities Software Company) to provide jobs for many handicapped people. Read More »

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