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DTT's participation in ICT (Information Communication Technology) National Conference - November 2008

Every year, the ICT (Information Communication Technology) national conference took place in Vietnam, with participation from different government ministries and chaired by the Ministry of Information and Communication, to discuss the country's strategic direction in information technology. This year, the conference took place on Nov 28th and the main theme was "Vietnam ICT industry in a New Wave of Investment". The two main tracks of the conference focused on: "Investment in ICT industry" and "Development of a centralized ICT industrial zone".

As one of the keynote speakers, Trung Nguyen, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of DTT, presented the "Strategy to enhance the image of Vietnam Software Industry", in which he introduced possible approaches and strategies for Vietnam to focus on:

  • Strong customer orientation
  • Investment in world-class IT training programs
  • Business relationships based on strategic partnerships

DTT's presentation, together with ten (10) other presentation topics, helped raise stronger awareness on the role that the government should play in the evolution of the ICT industry in Vietnam. They also led to very active discussions on ways regulations, policies and measures should further improve to support the industrial zone development outside major cities (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, etc.) to promote foreign business investments in Vietnam.