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PWDSoft released Van Hien website - November 2008

Website of Vanhien: http://www.vanhien.net

On Nov 28th, 2008, PWDSoft (People with Disabilities Software - a subsidiary of DTT Technology Group) successfully released the website of Van Hien Magazine. The ceremony attracted the participation of representatives from Center for Reservation and Cultural Development of Vietnam, Ministry of Information and Communication, The Vietnam News Agency, Hanoi Moi Newspaper, Vietnam Television Company, PWDSoft Company and many other press organizations.

Van Hien website, the name of which means "Culture in Writing", was developed with the goal to expand its customer base, especially allowing overseas Vietnamese to feel closer to the traditional values of their nation via Internet. The project was the result of nearly two years of design, development and testing effort of disabled people who always wanted to prove that they also possess special IT talents as others. To get this final result, they had to master various technologies like Java, JSP, Struts, EWB development tools, and overcome daily life challenges as well.

With the support from many IT consultants and experts from DTT, the website of Van Hien Magazine has officially been deployed at http://www.vanhien.net. The release of this project also marked a major step towards raising public awareness on what people with physical challenges can do: given equal opportunities and the appropriate level of support, people with disabilities can contribute not only in the IT arena but also in other sectors as well.

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