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DTT delivers Carnegie Mellon training course in software project management - December 2008

The role, process knowledge and practical experience of the project manager are considered essential and critical elements in the successful implementation of any software development project. Recognizing the need to continuously develop and promote those critical resources, HanoiCTT, the training arm of the DTT, in close collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, one of the leading US universities in Software Engineering, deployed a course in Software Project Management to a group of team leaders and project managers from different IT companies in Vietnam in early November.

This course aimed at providing more practical skills to software project managers in addition to delivering the best-in-class framework and practices in managing complex and global development projects. The 10-day course focused on all key elements in software project management such as People Development, Working Environment, Change Management, etc. It was led by Hoang Nguyen, a seasoned IT professional with hands-on experience in fullcycle software development, software engineering methodologies and processes, who also managed large-scale and complex projects at major corporations such as Xerox, United Healthcare and other enterprise IT corporations in the US. The most valuable aspects of the course were the case study discussions and transfer of knowledge when Hoang shared his extensive practical experience accumulated over more than 30 years as an IT manager and practitioner.

Through the cooperation with Carnegie Mellon in the implementation and delivery of software engineering training programs in Vietnam, DTT is taking the lead in bringing its skilled resources to international standards and further strengthening its competitive advantages. Furthermore, these programs are contributing to higher quality IT training in Vietnam, and support the economic integration strategy of the country to the rest of the world.

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