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DTT offered the first Information System Introduction Class based on Carnegie Mellon Program - May 2009

On March 16th, 2009, HanoiCTT (the training arm of DTT) introduced the first public class on Introduction to Information System based on Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Engineering Program. The class took place at Hanoi University of Technology. Its objective was to highlight the new global market trends in Information Technology (IT) and what the IT workforce should focus on to maintain its competitive advantages.

The class drew keen interests from a large number of students  majoring in Mathematics, Telecommunication Electronics, Trade, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Banking, and professionals working in IT-related fields. The attendees’ common interests were to seek a systematic understanding of the IT global market trends and development strategies as well as how IT will evolve as a leading edge technology in specific countries.

The objective of the class was to give the students an overview about Information System Management and help orient them in defining their educational goals for the future as well as preparing them for their IT careers if they select that path. Through this class, the students also gained a good understanding of the relationships between different international industries and the tertiary education, in particular the demands placed on information technologies within those industries and how advanced IT skills and knowledge can help the students become more effective in their business practice.

Through the offer of this class, HanoiCTT has helped increase the awareness of the global IT industry trends and demands among the students and young professionals in Vietnam and prepared them for one of the most advanced Software Engineering curriculum from one of the leading engineering institutions in the US, Carnegie Mellon University.